Tour Putt Green Kit “D”

Easy Cup Installation!

Cup installation was difficult. Now with our concrete basins, its possible to set cups without having to mix concrete with water and then spread with trowel.

“Prefab basin” for setting cups.

Fringe attached to putting turf , pre-assembled.


Curved seams were difficult! We glue seams fringe for you! Gluing the fringe to putting turf has always been a tough hurdle for DIY’er. Our “labeled panel system” allows you to the quality seam that tops industry standard. Its worth the money We have kits available for those who want to tackle this step but many customers get stuck here and begin looking for help. This is not a position you want to be in. The pre-seamed fringe is worth the money. You can spend 4 times the added cost to have a professional pick up where you leave off. Worst, you have an ugly final product or abandon it entirely.

Peel and stick glue tape for your straight seams !

Glue is unforgiving. With our peel and stick putting green seaming tape, your straight seam will be clean and forgiving. Colder climates will need a blow dryer (not a heat gun) to make tape tacky.

Tour Putt Green Kit “D”